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Our range of building & timber pest inspection services

Structural Inspection

Comprehensive Pre Purchase Inspection
From $645

Our premium pre purchase inspection provides a lot more detail in addition to the structural inspection. This inspection can highlight major or minor defects which requires attention such as moisture readings to show walls and general working order checks to such items as power points.

Inspection includes:

Add Pest Inspection for only $220
benefits of a pre-purchase building inspection

Pre Purchase Structural Inspection
From $345

A pre purchase structural inspection is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1 Inspection of buildings and the Real Estate Industry of WA (REIWA) pre purchase structural inspection clause. This clause, when included as a special condition in your offer and acceptance allows you the opportunity to resolve any potential matters with the seller prior to settlement.

Inspection Includes:

Add Pest Inspection for only $220
pest Inspections

Pest Inspections
From $250

Termites are social insects that are ground inhabiting and live in colonies. Several million individuals may be present in a well-established colony.

It is highly recommended to have a professional timber pest inspection undertaken prior to buying a home. Termite damage can be costly to repair and it is best to ensure the home is termite free prior to settlement.

Inspection Includes:

Westpoint building inspector in roof space

Structural Inspection From $325

The Structural Inspection is carried out in accordance with both Australian Standard AS4349.1 and REIWA Major Structural Defects Annexure. This inspection identifies Major Structural Defects to the Structural Elements of the home.

Building Inspection includes:

Perth Building Inspector on colourbond roof

Structural "Plus" Inspection From $425

Our most popular building inspection, not only does this cover all the structural elements, this service also includes an inspection of the roof cover, roof plumbing including roof penetrations, and moisture testing for raising damp to external walls and adjacent shower walls for leaking showers.

Building Inspection includes:


Dave Davies conducting a comprehensive inspection

Comprehensive Inspection From $525

Our complete and fully comprehensive inspection provides you with all the details you need to know about your purchase. Additional to the Structural Inspection Plus, the Comprehensive Inspection highlights general working order checks throughout the entire home.

Building Inspection includes:


Add Timber Pest Inspection for $200

All reports are highly detailed, simple to follow with photos and are provided on the same day. All reports include a full debrief from myself. 

I also provide ongoing support for any questions you may have with your property.

Construction Stage Inspection

Construction Stage Inspections
From $380

Building a new home or renovating an existing house is a complex process. Sometimes mistakes happen that you may not discover until it’s too late. Most builders are reputable but even the most reliable builder will make an error occasionally. A construction inspection lets you rest assured that your home is being built to the standards.

Five key inspections:

construction Inspections

Construction Stage Inspection Package
From $1450

Westpoint have packaged all 5 key reporting area’s for your convenience. This ensures all potential defects are identified and rectified before it becomes a major defect later down the track. Building a home is not easy and engaging a third-party inspector can mitigate time delays and frustration to your building journey.

Inspection Package includes:

Dilapidation Report

Dilapidation Report
From $470

Demolition, excavation or construction work has an impact both directly and indirectly around a work site. Vibrations caused by heavy equipment can damage surrounding buildings.

Dilapidation reports capture the visible structural condition of a property prior to nearby or neighbouring renovation works, construction or excavation being carried out.